Why LCI? We are here to helpabout4

LCI is the most efficient and effective method for allowing individuals to regain driving privileges though our straight-forward, considerate, all-inclusive approach that allows our clients to effortlessly accomplish their state-required obligations.

Our All-Inclusive Program focuses on more than just guaranteeing that your device is properly programmed correctly to state requirements to ensure you get your license back as quickly as possible. We provide ongoing support with our 24/7 call center support representatives, and provide a VAST network of state licensed service centers to conduct your state required calibrations and data downloads.

Our devices have been manufactured within the last 2 years to provide you the best and newest technology in the field! These interlocks ONLY REQUIRE A 3 SECOND BLOW to submit a proper sample, unlike other companies, there are no difficult breath patterns that can be frustrating and, at times, impossible!

These devices are also cleaned and sanitized after each user. Our devices are never transferred from one client to the next without being returned to our corporate office first for a full diagnostic check and a thorough cleaning!



Constant commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers compels us to offer you an unrivaled interlock experience. With its user friendly, ergonomic design, large LCD screen, and visual status indicator, the TAB-720 is a cinch to operate.


The TAB 720 is the only Interlock equipped with Selcius® Inside. This exclusive heating and cooling feature can save you up to 5 minutes every time you start your vehicle. Our interlock is specifically designed to operate under any and all extreme temperature conditions that you may encounter.


Our RF Feature will allow the unit to activate prior to you reaching the vehicle. Another breakthrough feature is the units wireless download capability.

Once in range of the service center, the unit will automatically synchronize to the facilities computer and download your information while you’re parking your car saving you up to 15 min. during each calibration.

Customer Care

Our installation and calibration service is so fast and simple, you’ll be in and out in no time. Once installed, you’ll receive comprehensive training on the operation and care of your device.

Equipped with an onboard countdown to calibration which are accompanied by texts and email notifications, we help ensure you don’t miss a beat.

With dozens of locations regionally, there’s a LowCostInterlock service center near you. LCI can also provide mobile assistance in the event you’re unable to travel due to any unexpected situations that may arise.