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Low Cost Interlock is the premier provider of ignition interlock services in Santa Rosa, California. Our team is armed with years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and the best tools and equipment available to tackle every project. Our services include ignition interlock installation, maintenance, removal, and more.

Our unique ignition interlock system combines state-of-the-art software and hardware for a device that is more efficient, more accurate, and easier to use than competing IIDs on the market. That means faster results with greater precision for every breath sample.

At Low Cost Interlock, we are committed to your convenience, from our low prices to our easy-to-find locations. You’ll never have to wonder “where can I find an interlock device installation near me?” ever again. Along with our location in Santa Rosa, you can find several ignition interlock installation locations throughout California. Click here to find a Low Cost Interlock location in your area.

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in California

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles enforces admin per se penalties for drivers who fail or refuse a chemical breath test. Doing so result in an immediate license suspension from the arresting officer. The length of this administrative penalty depends on any prior offenses, but you can generally expect harsher penalties for refusing the breath test than for outright failing it.

For a first offense test refusal, you can expect a one-year license suspension. For your second offense, you may receive a two-year license revocation. For your third chemical test refusal offense, you can expect a three-year license revocation.

These administrative penalties are on top of any criminal penalties you may receive if you are tried and convicted of driving under the influence in a court of law. Criminal penalties for a DUI can vary based on the details of your case, including your blood alcohol content at the time of arrest and any injuries you may have caused. For a first offense DUI, your criminal penalties may include:

  • Up to six months of jail time
  • Up to $1,000 in fines (this does not include any legal fees)
  • Enrollment in a DUI program (the length of which depends factors at the time of your arrest)
  • $125 fee to reissue your license

You may also be asked to install an ignition interlock device. The court requires an ignition interlock system if you:

  • Have any moving violations prior to the DUI
  • Had a BAC of 0.15 percent or higher
  • Refused a chemical breath test
  • Want to apply for a restricted license

Low Cost Interlock thankfully offers the most affordable ignition interlock device services. If you have any questions or need an ignition interlock device in Santa Rosa, please contact us today.

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