Ignition interlock companies

At Low Cost Interlock, our goal is to help you understand interlock ignition device and lead you to a provider offering competitive prices for all your interlock ignition device needs.

Make sure to set some time aside to do your homework and compare different ignition interlock installation companies. Ask the right questions to make more informed decisions.

Examples of Ignition interlock companies

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Low Cost Interlock is the only Ignition Interlock equipped with Selcius® Inside. This exclusive Interlock heating and cooling feature can save you up to 5 minutes every time you start your vehicle. Low Cost Interlock has gone to great lengths to streamline the installation and calibration process of your ignition interlock device. After your car breathalyzer is installed, we make sure you receive expert training on the operation and care of your Low Cost Interlock (IID) device. Contact us today to schedule your install.