Low Cost Interlock is the leading provider of ignition interlock device services, ensuring that you get quality installation and maintenance combined with the best hardware available. Our ignition interlock devices are designed for optimal efficiency and reliability, ensuring quick, accurate results.

Our ignition interlock device is easier to use than others on the market, requiring a three-second exhale. This is more sanitary and does away with complex breathing patterns. Our devices also have a shorter warm-up time and provide almost immediate results, regardless of the weather conditions.  Read on to learn more about the ignition interlock device cost.

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Cost

Many DUI charges require that you install an ignition interlock device in order to reinstate your license or apply for a restricted driving permit. Along with the initial interlock device installation fees, you are required to pay monthly monitoring, calibration, and maintenance fees that ensure that the device is working properly.

The actual ignition interlock cost can vary based on the state where you get it installed. Estimates suggest that on average, you can expect to pay $70 to $150 to install an ignition interlock device, while monthly fees can range from $60 to $80. Those who are struggling financially can potentially take advantage of state programs or funds that can help you pay for the installation and maintenance fees.

Determining Your Interlock Device Cost

Low Cost Interlock offers the most affordable car breathalyzer for sale on the market. We maintain completely transparent, all-inclusive operations and guarantee that you will never have to deal with hidden fees. As prices can differ from state to state, we can provide you with specific pricing details once your provide us with:

  • Your state-issued driver’s license number
  • Vehicle registration information (which includes your license plate number and vehicle identification number)
  • Papers presented to you by your court and the DMV (including the county name, case number, court address, and the name of your judge and attorney)

Once we have all the information, we can determine the pricing for your installation and ongoing maintenance fees.

Low Cost Interlock offers convenient locations in cities throughout the country, ensuring that you can find the help you need wherever you are. If you are looking for an ignition interlock device installation location or are ready to determine your ignition interlock device cost, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us  and contact our Low Cost Interlock customer service today.