What Is The Best Ignition Interlock Device?

March 29, 2018

As alcohol-impaired driving crashes remain a significant problem throughout the country, many states enforce a variety of laws and punishments to discourage drunk driving and prevent repeat incidences of driving under the influence. Although fines, license suspensions, and mandatory drug and alcohol classes are effective means for punishing DUI charges, many states have begun implementing the use of ignition interlock devices, or car breathalyzers to ensure the safety of their citizens.

As you can imagine, ignition interlock devices comprise of various parts and pieces. The best ignition interlock device not only uses the most advanced components but also ensures that they all work in conjunction with each other to make the overall machinery reliable. Low Cost Interlock has the best ignition interlock device on the market. Read on to learn more about it.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition interlock devices connect directly to your car’s ignition system. The device measures the alcohol in your system via a breath sample, and if the concentration of alcohol in your system exceeds a pre-programmed level, the ignition interlock device temporarily locks the ignition, preventing you from starting your car.

Along with an initial test to start your car, the ignition interlock device will require more samples during your drive. This is known as a rolling retest and is designed to prevent anyone other than you, the driver, from providing a breath sample. If you don’t give a sample or if the sample exceeds the alcohol limit, the device activates an alarm until you can provide a clean breath sample or stop the car.

Quick and Easy Usage

Your main means of interacting with an ignition interlock device is with your breath. Unfortunately, many ignition interlock devices on the market require complicated breathing patterns comprising of a combination of humming, blowing, and sucking. Aside from being confusing for you, these patterns do not always give proper readings, forcing you to repeat the pattern and waste time in the process.

Low Cost Interlock’s proprietary ignition interlock device requires just a single three-second exhale. Nothing more. Once you hear a click, you can stop blowing, and the hardware and software then take care of the rest, allowing you to get back on the road faster.

Low Cost Interlock’s IID offers quicker warm-up than other models on the market. That essentially means that you can provide a breath sample almost immediately, regardless of the weather conditions. The device also uses a unique calibration system that only takes five minutes where most other models can take up to a half an hour.

More Sanitary

All of the devices that come out of Low Cost Interlock are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and tested at headquarters prior to shipment. The devices are never reused or transferred from one client to another, so you never have to worry about unsanitary devices or sharing germs with a stranger.

Thanks to the simplified method of obtaining a breath sample, Low Cost Interlock’s ignition interlock device is much more sanitary than competitor models. The device also does not require any inhaling patterns, which prevents you from breathing in any germs that may have found their way into the device mouthpiece. Fewer germs and bacteria lowers the chance of you getting sick or having a false read.

Cost and Service

Low Cost Interlock maintains transparent pricing and all-inclusive service, which basically means you won’t see any hidden fees. The pricing structures are designed to work within your budget to give you the most affordable ignition interlock device in the business.

Low Cost Interlock also offers 24/7 customer service to answer any questions. If you would rather talk to someone in person, you can find hundreds of locations throughout the country. Within just a few miles of your home, you can likely find a Low Cost Interlock location to provide any service for your ignition interlock device. The Low Cost Interlock technicians can provide quick installation and calibration, equip bilingual onboard countdown, and set you up with email and text notifications.

Low Cost Interlock’s ignition interlock device is the best service currently on the market. To learn more or to get one for yourself, contact Low Cost Interlock today.

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