The TAB 720 is the only Interlock equipped with Selcius® Inside. This exclusive heating and cooling feature can save you up to 5 minutes every time you start your vehicle. Our interlock is specifically designed to operate under any and all extreme temperature conditions that you may encounter. That means that no matter where you live or where you drive, the exclusive Selcius technology will consistently produce precise and accurate readings.

The incorporation of the Selcius device allows the TAB 720 to maintain optimal operating temperatures, regardless of climate conditions, which is crucial when conducting a BAC analysis. Additionally, this technology minimizes the start-up time for the unit and the recovery time between tests. Being both rapid and reliable, LCI has ensured that our customers have the finest technology available.

A remote warm up feature activates the Selcius technology as soon as you remotely unlock your doors. Saving you precious seconds every time you start your vehicle and allowing the unit to warm up without you having to be behind the wheel.

Another breakthrough feature is the units wireless download capability. Once in range of the service center, the unit will automatically synchronize to the facilities computer and download your information while you’re parking your car saving you up to 15 min. during each calibration. Once the units have been inspected, the technician will validate the download by verifying your identification, calibrate your unit, and you are on your way.

By eliminating the need for the technician to physically connect to your vehicle, having the ability to warm up remotely; integrating Selicus® Inside technology, and a wait time of zero for your download, we are confident you’ll agree that Low Cost Interlock provides the easiest way to get you back on the road.


Constant commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers compels us to offer you an unrivaled interlock experience. With its user friendly, ergonomic design, large LCD screen, and visual status indicator, the TAB-720 is a cinch to operate.
The TAB-720 has also achieved one of the highest user ratings of any interlock ever approved for public applications according to multiple independent international interlock testing laboratories.