Low Cost Interlock is the leading provider of ignition interlock device services. Our team offers years of experience and can help to provide you with the knowledge and guidance to complete your ignition interlock program smoothly and with few hassles so you can get back on the road.

You can find hundreds of Low Cost Interlock installation and maintenance locations in cities throughout the country, ensuring that you can always find the help that you need. Much of our success comes from our cutting edge hardware. Read on to learn more about the ignition interlock technology that makes our  device so special. Click here to find an interlock device location near you.

Our Ignition Interlock Device

Low Cost Interlock uses proprietary software and hardware to provide an efficient, reliable device that meets state IID requirements. Our devices require a simple, three-second long exhale breath to provide accurate results. Other models from competitors on the market often require complicated breathing patterns of blowing, humming, or inhaling, which takes more time and doesn’t always provide accurate results.

Our model also has the fastest warm-up time on the market and can provide you with almost immediate results regardless of the weather. The patented calibration system takes just five minutes to adjust, which is a sixth of the time it takes the average ignition interlock system.

All our devices are cleaned and tested on-site prior to installation and use. None of our devices are transferred from client to client, while the straight blow technology eliminates the need for inhaling or humming. All of this equates to a much more sanitary device that helps to support your health. This also improves the accuracy of your results as it eliminates any residue that may interfere with readings.

Most importantly, a breathalyzer for your car should be affordable. We maintain transparent and all-inclusive operations. We never add hidden fees. As pricing differs from state to state, our Low Cost Interlock customer service representatives are always available to provide your specific pricing details. Just provide us with your driver’s license number, vehicle registration information, and the papers detailing your specific case.

Low Cost Interlock is committed to providing you with the most affordable, easy to use ignition interlock device on the market. We also offer the interlock can, the most discreet way to own and use a breathalyzer in your car. If you have any questions about our ignition interlock technology or need a breathalyzer installed in your car today, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.