National Interlock Systems


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National Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Alcohol interlock device laws vary from state to state, but there are certain laws that hold true throughout. For example, many states have implied consent laws. These laws are often upheld by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (or related department) and state that by owning a drivers license, you give automatic consent to be tested for drugs or alcohol if an officer of the law suspects that you may be driving under the influence.

By refusing to take the chemical test, you are breaking the implied consent laws and may need to serve certain administrative penalties. Refusing a chemical test is often considered a separate charge from a DUI, so even if you are acquitted for DUI charges, you will still have to serve a suspension and other penalties from the chemical test refusal offense. The penalties differ from state to state and case by case.

Along with implied consent laws, many states also have admin per se laws. These laws allow an arresting officer to immediately confiscate your license when you fail or refuse to take a chemical test. This action is usually taken by the DMV and is separate from other criminal charges. It usually results in license suspensions, but may also involve fines or the installation of an ignition national interlock system.

If the court requires you to install an ignition interlock device, you are responsible for all of the costs that go into the installation, calibration, and maintenance of the device.

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