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Low Cost Interlock is a leading provider of ignition interlock device services in New Mexico, including installation, calibration, and maintenance. All of our services are backed by the skilled work of our technicians and customer service representatives. Our proprietary ignition interlock device offers greater accuracy and efficiency for faster, more reliable results with every breath sample.

Ignition Interlock Device Laws in New Mexico

New Mexico has admin per se laws enforced by the Motor Vehicle Division. These laws allow for the immediate confiscation and suspension of your license if you refuse or fail a chemical test administered by an officer who suspects you may be driving while intoxicated. For a first offense chemical test failure, you may suffer a six-month suspension. A second offense results in a one-year suspension. Refusing a chemical test automatically results in a one-year suspension with no restricted driving privileges.

All admin per se penalties are in addition to any criminal penalties you may incur if you are found guilty of a DWI in court. Criminal penalties can vary based on the circumstances of a case, including your age, damage to property, and any injuries you may have caused. A first offense DWI may result in:

  • A one-year license suspension
    • Up to $500 in fines
      • Community service
        • A $65 BAC test fee
          • Fees for court-ordered treatment ad screening

          Subsequent offenses often result in harsher penalties, which means longer suspension periods and higher fines. Second and subsequent offenses also come with mandatory jail time. By your fourth offense, you may suffer a permanent license suspension.

          You may qualify for a restricted license, which requires you to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. The court may also require an ignition interlock device as part of the general penalties. Your IID must be installed and serviced by a court-approved provider, and you are responsible for all fees involved.

          Learn more about New Mexico DUI laws and penalties here.

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          Low Cost Interlock offers the most affordable ignition interlock device installation and services in New Mexico. Our team can answer your questions and guide you through the process so that you can complete your IID program easily. To learn more or get a breathalyzer installed in your car, please contact us today.

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