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As the leading provider of ignition interlock services in Norman, Oklahoma, Low Cost Interlock prides itself on expert care backed by a team of experienced, knowledgeable technicians. We offer a full-spectrum of services, including ignition interlock installation, maintenance, and calibration in your vehicle.

We work with a unique ignition interlock system, unlike other alcohol detection systems on the market. A combination of advanced hardware and software allows for greater efficiency and accuracy along with a cleaner, easier usage. That means faster results that are always precise so that you are able to reinstate your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Our commitment to convenience also means never having to ask, “Where can I find a trusted ignition interlock device installation near me?”. We have one location in Norman, as well as several more throughout Oklahoma. Click here to find the closest Low Cost Interlock location.

  • No fees for missed or failed tests
  • Calibration every 60 days… not every month
  • Easiest device to use… No complicated breathing patterns

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Norman, Oklahoma

Oklahoma enforces implied consent laws. These laws state that you are automatically given permission to be tested by an officer who suspects you may be driving while intoxicated. By refusing a chemical test, you are considered to be breaking the implied consent law and will be subject to administrative penalties, usually in the form of license revocation, but you may also put yourself at risk of arrest. The length of the license revocation depends on any previous test refusal violations on your record, but you can usually expect the period of time to be anywhere from 180 days to 3 years.

You can also receive administrative penalties for impaired driving or a DUI that are separate from court-ordered criminal penalties. For impaired driving (driving with a blood alcohol content between 0.05 percent and 0.08 percent), your administrative penalties may include:

  • A 30-day suspension for a first offense
  • A 6-month suspension for a second offense
  • A 1-year suspension for a third offense

For a DUI arrest (driving with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 percent), your administrative penalties may include:

  • A 180-day suspension for a first offense
  • A 1-year suspension for a second offense
  • A 3-year suspension for a third offense

Criminal penalties can vary based on your BAC and prior DUIs on your record. Criminal penalties for impaired driving include:

  • $100 to $500 in fines and fees
  • Up to 6 months in prison

For a first offense DUI, your criminal penalties may include:

  • 10 days to 1 year of jail time
  • Up to $1,000 in fines and fees
  • A misdemeanor charge

The court may also require you to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle in order to drive.

Low Cost Interlock offers the most affordable ignition interlock device services in Oklahoma. If you have questions or want to set an appointment for an ignition interlock device in Norman, please contact us today.

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