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Low Cost Interlock is the leading provider of ignition interlock services in Enterprise, Oregon. Our devoted team comprises expert technicians who are dedicated to helping and offer a full range of services, including ignition interlock installation, calibration, and maintenance.

We are committed to providing you with the best tools and parts available, including our unique ignition interlock system. Designed with the latest hardware and software, our device promises greater efficiency and accuracy than other models on the market, ensuring faster results, greater precision, and ease of use.

Our team is also committed to your convenience, so you’ll never again have to wonder, “Where can I find a trusted ignition interlock device installation near me?”. Along with one location in Enterprise, you can easily find dozens more of our locations throughout the Beaver State. Click here to find a Low Cost Interlock near you, or visit our website to speak to our customer service team to answer any questions.

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Enterprise, Oregon

As in other states, Oregon enforces administrative penalties from the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV). These administrative penalties come into play when you have failed, come in violation with, or refused a breath test, resulting in an immediate license suspension, though you have the opportunity to request a court hearing. If your suspension is upheld, you can expect:

  • A 90-day suspension for a first offense breath test failure
  • A 1-year suspension for a second offense breath test failure
  • A 1-year suspension for a first offense breath, urine, or blood test refusal
  • A 3-year suspension for a second offense breath, urine, or blood test refusal

Along with a license suspension, you may be subject to:

  • A required ignition interlock device on your vehicle
  • Reinstatement fees
  • DUII treatment

Oregon may also require the installation of an ignition interlock device after the suspension has ended or for those who drive with a hardship permit. A hardship permit allows you the privilege to drive for a certain period, though with strict requirements that stipulate you to drive your car only to and from work, rehabilitation programs, and regular medical treatment.

Ignition interlock devices are also required for all offenders convicted of a DUII to reinstate driving privileges after a suspension period. You are responsible for the installation and monthly maintenance fees.

Low Cost Interlock thankfully offers the most affordable ignition interlock services in Oregon, ensuring that you have the equipment and knowledge to successfully complete your ignition interlock device program requirements and get your license reinstated. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an ignition interlock device in Enterprise, Oregon.

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