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To help you keep track of your success throughout the interlock program, Low Cost Interlock has introduced SoberMiles.

Sober Miles serve as a reminder of your ongoing success. Your miles are periodically updated in your account every time you arrive for calibration, and you may check your progress through a portal on our website. Once you reach a certain number of miles, you qualify for Sober Milestones.

Sober Milestones are achieved by simply driving with the interlock, operating it successfully each time, and adding miles to your vehicle. The higher the number, the higher the achievement.

We here at Low Cost Interlock feel you should be commended for completing the program successfully. As different Sober Milestones are achieved, you will receive:

MilesAchieved Reward
25,000 $25 Visa Gift Card
50,000 $50 Visa Gift Card
75,000 $75 Visa Gift Card
100,000 $100 Visa Gift Card

At Low Cost Interlock, we provide The Easiest Way To Get You Back On The Road

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Constant commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers compels us to offer you an unrivaled interlock experience. With its user friendly, ergonomic design, large LCD screen, and visual status indicator, the TAB-720 is a cinch to operate.

The TAB-720 has also achieved one of the highest user ratings of any interlock ever approved for public applications according to multiple independent international interlock testing laboratories.

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