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Since 2001, there have been more than five thousand changes to the Internal Revenue Code; which is comprised of more than four million words. Staying apprised of those changes is impossible; even for a company that has full team of CPAs in place. The cost of being uninformed is both costly and punitive to the taxpayer.

Our tax services include compliance, planning, controversy, representation & settlement and tax opinion letters . We design our tax strategies around the business and solid business principles; not the other way around .

Want to talk? Call us. Generally, it is our practice not to bill clients for a 10 minute phone call. We would rather you talk to us before you make the decision. Remember: We are – your Quarterback. If it’s a question that doesn’t have a ready answer, we’ll talk about the time-frame and research cost before saying “hike”.



Tax compliance is a critical aspect of what we do. It is the “first-bite-at-the-apple” and should thus be done with as much precision and timeliness as reasonably possible.

Proper compliance reduces unnecessary or unwanted examinations while also minimizing representation costs during an audit.

Most tax matters come down to proper documentation. Poor documentation. Poor case. Good documentation. Good case. Prior to taking a position on your return, we carefully evaluate the reasonable sustainability of those positions and work with you to properly document your file with the necessary documentation that may be required upon examination.



Tax planning encompasses both routine and non-routine services. Routine services should be tailored based upon fundamental factors: client’s level of internal sophistication (e.g. the level of reliability of their financial statements), a client’s level and need to plan for cash reserves (economic and business environments that cause constraints and/or surpluses to those flows) and the punitive penalties for failing to pay under the pay-as-you-go system.

Tax planning best occurs in a fluid environment between you and us. This is because we will be in touch with you throughout the year giving you an opportunity to bring us “up-to-speed” on what is going on with your business. We are careful listeners.


In too many instances, the CPA and their client will not meet until the end of the year. Without an on-going knowledge of what your tax liability is, a “good year” quickly turns to be a “bad year”. Why? Because you were not properly planning for your tax obligations. We seek to minimize these surprises by proactively calling and asking our clients if they would like us to do conduct a review of their tax obligations throughout the year. For those clients that have a relatively stable and steady business environment, “we evaluate” means, in which to minimize such calls; but also minimize their underpayment penalties via steady estimated payments throughout the year.

Tax planning need not always encompass a payment to the governmental authorities. Sometimes, businesses are forced to make the hard decision between holding back those estimated tax payments in favor of other business demands on cash that may or may not materialize. Regardless, we encourage our clients to retain our services in order that they have a visible picture on what their estimated tax liabilities and potentially accruing penalties and interest may or may not be. We respect that it is your decision as to when you will be paying your tax bill. However, we believe, you should equally keep yourself informed on the cost of your decision so, that you may more properly weight the cost-benefit of those decisions.

While, it is generally your decision as to when you pay the tax bill, the government may make that decision for you… if you wait too long.


That new exciting R&D project you were just talking about at the Christmas party? Yes, while we enjoyed the holiday festivities and eggnog with you, be certain that the conversation held as much excitement for us as it did you: but for different reasons. You can still expect a call later from us on exactly how to monetize the unique tax aspects of that discussion as well as the many more that we hope to have with you throughout the year.

Non-routine tax planning is perhaps one of the more exciting fields in which we get to exercise our skills. The more we learn about you, the way your business runs and the direction you are headed, the better equipped we are to bring you unique tax planning opportunities.

Are you looking for an exit strategy? When? Is your business contracting or expanding? Why? Are you entering arrangements or contracts that should be closely evaluated in order to procure a specific tax treatment?
Get us involved early in the process and you will be better equipped to avoid pitfalls. Get us involved before the terms of the deal have been fully proffered and we may find ways to maximize the tax benefits for you that you had an idea existed.

Our formula is pretty simple: Let’s keep each-other informed. If there is something around the corner, you can follow our blogs and tweets and stay abreast of the new tax laws and how they may affect your business.