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Since 2001, there have been more than five thousand changes to the Internal Revenue Code; which is comprised of more than four million words. Staying apprised of those changes is impossible; even for a company that has full team of CPAs in place. The cost of being uninformed is both costly and punitive to the taxpayer.

Our tax services include compliance, planning, controversy, representation & settlement and tax opinion letters . We design our tax strategies around the business and solid business principles; not the other way around .

Want to talk? Call us. Generally, it is our practice not to bill clients for a 10 minute phone call. We would rather you talk to us before you make the decision. Remember: We are – your Quarterback. If it’s a question that doesn’t have a ready answer, we’ll talk about the time-frame and research cost before saying “hike”.



Tax compliance is a critical aspect of what we do. It is the “first-bite-at-the-apple” and should thus be done with as much precision and timeliness as reasonably possible.

Proper compliance reduces unnecessary or unwanted examinations while also minimizing representation costs during an audit.

Most tax matters come down to proper documentation. Poor documentation. Poor case. Good documentation. Good case. Prior to taking a position on your return, we carefully evaluate the reasonable sustainability of those positions and work with you to properly document your file with the necessary documentation that may be required upon examination.