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Low Cost Interlock is the leading provider of ignition interlock services in White River Junction, Vermont. Our full range of services includes ignition interlock installation in your vehicle, maintenance, and calibration, all supported by our team of experienced technicians.

Our specialized ignition interlock system is designed with the best hardware and software for a superior user experience. Our device offers greater efficiency and accuracy than other alcohol detection systems on the market, ensuring fast, precise results without sacrificing ease of use in order to reinstate your driving privileges in no time.

Our team’s focus on convenience ensures that you never have to ask, “Where can I find a reliable ignition interlock device installation near me?” We have one location in White River Junction, along with several others throughout Vermont. Click here to find a Low Cost Interlock in your area.

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in White River Junction, Vermont

Along with criminal penalties and court law, Vermont has civic penalties that are enforced by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and come into effect when you fail or refuse a chemical or breath test. This most commonly results in a license suspension or revocation, but you may suffer a variety of other penalties that may run concurrently with criminal penalties depending on your violations.

The severity of your penalties depends on previous DWI charges and your blood alcohol concentration at the time of the drunk driving arrest. For a first offense DWI, your administrative penalties may include:

  • A 90-day driver’s license suspension (30 days with an ignition interlock device)
  • An $80 fee to reinstate your driver’s license
  • $125 fee for a restricted license
  • $200 fee for alcohol assessment screening
  • $250 fee for alcohol and driving education program

Criminal penalties for a first offense DWI may include:

  • Up to $750 in fines and fees
  • Up to 2 years in prison
  • A driver’s license suspension (which may run concurrently with your administrative suspension)

After serving some part of your suspension, you may be eligible for a restricted driver’s license, which grants you driving privileges with the restriction of an ignition interlock device in your car for a period of time. You are responsible for all fees, including installation and monthly maintenance, and you can only have the IID installed in your vehicle by an approved vendor.

Thankfully, Low Cost Interlock is an approved vendor offering the most affordable ignition interlock services in Vermont so you can reinstate your license and drive restriction-free as soon as possible. If you have questions or want to learn more about getting an ignition interlock device in White River Junction, or have general questions about how the ignition interlock device program works, please contact us today.

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