Download the Low Cost Interlock Warm Up App

Remote start the LCI-777 interlock warm up process using the Low Cost Interlock Link app. Eliminate time spent waiting for your interlock device to warm up before you can provide a breath sample. Easily start and stop the warm up process with the tap of a button!

It’s Fast:

The Low Cost Interlock Link app loads within seconds to get you well on your way to warming up your interlock device quickly and efficiently.

Easy Setup:

Easily register your interlock device on the app with a few simple questions.

Schedule It:

Set your interlock device warm up ahead of time so you never have to worry about being late.

Multiple Schedules:

Keep track of the warm up times you’ve set in one convenient location.

Warm Up:

Warm up your interlock device in seconds with the simple tap of a button.

App Benefits & Features

  • Easy Interlock Device Registration:

    Register your interlock device to the app in a matter of minutes by filling out a few simple questions about your car. Start warming up in no time!
  • Conveniently Set Reoccurring Warm Up Times:

    Set your interlock device to warm up at specific times. Just like an alarm on your phone, you can set, change, or disable your warm up right from the app!
  • Interlock Device Warm Up at Your Fingertips:

    Our smartphone app makes warming up your interlock device simple and convenient. Never worry about interlock device warm ups holding you up again.

Guaranteed Lowest Cost
$0 Lockout for Missed/Failed Tests
$0 Set-Up
$0 Standard Shipping Fees

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