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Low Cost Interlock is your premier ignition interlock service provider. Our goal is to improve ignition interlock programs by automating sensor checks, calibrations and downloads to make our client’s experience easy and stress free.

Low Cost Interlock currently operates in 14 states. We are in Texas, Utah, California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Connecticut, Ohio, Kansas, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Alaska and Nebraska. If you don’t see your state on the list above, don’t worry! We have 15 states coming soon so be on the lookout for an update from us.

It is important to find a Low Cost Interlock certified location near you because you will need to visit your approved interlock location multiple times during your ignition interlock program. During your program you will be frequenting your service location for your interlock device installation, routine calibrations, device removal and any other service issues you may have.

The first time you will need to go to your approved ignition interlock location is for your interlock device installation. After this visit you will be familiarized with your service location and a technician will be able to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process.


Interlock Calibration Locations

Your interlock system will require a periodic calibration during your program. A calibration reminder will appear on your interlock device display screen when your calibration date is approaching. The frequency of your recalibrations are set by your jurisdiction. You must go to a Low Cost Interlock approved interlock device location before or on the date your calibration is set for. Failure to comply with the required calibration procedures may result in your vehicle being prevented from starting until you get a reset.


Interlock Removal Service Locations

Once you have completed your interlock program, you can have your interlock device removed. The ignition interlock device removal will typically take less than 1 hour. During the removal, the interlock system will be taken out and your vehicle’s electrics will be returned to the pre-installation condition.

The alcohol ignition interlock removal must be completed by a trained technician. If you attempt to remove the device yourself, some states will make you use the ignition interlock for a longer period of time. Please make sure you meet your jurisdictional requirements for removal before scheduling your device removal. Give us a call today if you have any questions about ignition interlock removal.

As the most affordable and helpful ignition interlock service provider, Low Cost Interlock is the best choice for your interlock needs. We are currently in 14 states and have 15 more states coming soon! Contact us today to learn more about our ignition interlock program or enter your address or zip code to find an ignition interlock device installation location closest to you!