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Not an interlock fan? Get the can!

Ignition Interlock Breathalyzer

Not an interlock fan? Get the can! The Interlock Can is the most discreet way to submit a breathalyzer test. At Low Cost Interlock, we understand that having an interlock device, or breathalyzer in your car, isn’t ideal. That is why we have created the Interlock Can. It looks exactly like a soda can so people won’t even realize that you have a breathalyzer in your vehicle.

The Interlock Can

Our continued innovation has led us to develop the most efficient and effective alcohol-monitoring solutions. The Interlock Can is our newest in-car breathalyzer machine and was created to make sure that our clients effortlessly satisfy any state-required ignition interlock laws and obligations in the most private way possible.

How Does it Work?

The Interlock Can is a smart ignition interlock device with real-time features that only requires a 3-second straight blow in order to get a blood-alcohol content (BAC) read. Since there is no inhaling necessary for this device, it is much more sanitary breath analyzer than other devices on the market that require users to inhale. In addition, our straight blow system gives an accurate alcohol level read every time and is quicker than other devices so you can get your motor vehicle on the road in no time.

Not only is our car breathalyzer device user-friendly, but it also has easy install technology. We have hundred of interlock device installation locations where you can get your alcohol breathalyzer installed and calibrated quickly. If an in car breathalyzer is needed due to a DUI, the Interlock Can is the easiest, most reliable and affordable choice.

FREE Car Interlock Breathalyzer

Our unique Interlock Can masks your vehicle breathalyzer so that you can complete your required interlock provision in a covert manner and return to your driving privileges. Call or schedule your interlock breathalyzer installation now to get your Interlock Can FREE. This FREE ignition Interlock Can offer is valid for new clients only (first-time offenders) and with the purchase of optional insurance. Current Low Cost Interlock clients can submit discrete breathalyzer tests by purchasing the Can for only $29.00 with FREE SHIPPING. Low Cost Interlock has bilingual support staff that are available to answer all of your questions and concerns about our ignition interlock program. Call us today!

Call or schedule your ignition interlock installation now to get your interlock can free.

Free Can offer valid for new clients only.
Current clients can submit discrete breath tests by purchasing the Can for $29.00 with FREE SHIPPING