Removal Request

To request device removal, please thoroughly review Acknowledge Terms and Conditions and login to complete the device removal request.

Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

By requesting Low Cost Interlock (“LCI”) Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) removal;

I, the LCI client, understand that, to successfully complete my IID program (“program”), I must be in full compliance with all requirements of my Regulatory Agency / Monitoring Authority and LCI;

I understand that program violations can extend the amount of time that I have to keep the device installed in my vehicle;

I understand that some Regulatory Agencies will send me documentation confirming my eligibility to remove the IID, while others may require me to request the documentation and I may be required to provide such documentation to LCI prior to scheduling removal of the IID. My Monitoring Authority, such as my Probation Officer or DMV, should be able to help me in this regard;

I Agree to pay Low Cost Interlock the Removal Fee, stipulated in my signed Monitoring Agreement, along with any outstanding balances owed, prior to scheduling removal of the IID; and

Should I request removal of the IID without completing the program successfully, I understand that Low Cost Interlock is not responsible for early termination of the program and take complete responsibility for any consequences of early removal.

To complete the request for device removal, login to the account management dashboard.