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Ignition Interlock Installation

At Low Cost Interlock, we have made the ignition interlock device installation process simple for you. As your most affordable and efficient service provider, we offer bilingual electronic and video training for all clients to make the entire process as easy as possible.

In addition to your video training, Low Cost Interlock certified service center technicians provide hands-on training after the installation has been completed to answer any of your remaining questions.

After watching the training video, you will sign your lease agreement with Low Cost Interlock and possible state specific forms. In the lease, you will have the option to sign up for ignition interlock insurance. This insurance policy covers damage or theft while the ignition interlock device (IID) is in your possession. We value our IID device at $2,400, so the optional insurance is a cost effective way to protect yourself just in case something happens to your breath alcohol ignition interlock.

Your lease will also outline the frequency of which you need to bring your interlock in for calibration and amount of money due at each download and calibration appointment. At Low Cost Interlock, we make sure that your entire ignition interlock installation goes smoothly and all of your questions are answered at every step of the way.

LCI Clients Save Over $300 on Average by Using Our Services when Compared to our Competitors – Ask How Today!

We just need to gather some basic information to determine your eligibility with your state’s Ignition Interlock requirements. Please provide the information below and an LCI Representative will contact you shortly!

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What We Need

1. State Issued Driver’s License Number
2. Vehicle registration information including VIN and license plate number
3. Court and/or DMV papers with case number, court address, judge, attorney, county
4. Debit/Credit card


Low Cost Interlock Certified Device Install Locations

Each of our service locations are state licensed, LCI certified and insured. All of the technicians at our LCI certified locations have been thoroughly screened and are experienced experts in many automotive electrical systems. Our service center network is supported by our engineers who are constantly updating and improving our technology to make sure the interlock system installation is efficient.

Your interlock device can only be installed by a Low Cost Interlock approved technician.
Unqualified installation or service will invalidate the product warranty, may invalidate the type approval of the vehicle, and LCI will accept no liability for consequential damage to the vehicle.

Install Your Interlock Device Today

Despite popular belief, while getting your car breathalyzer installed, it will not damage your car in anyway, and it will not drain your car battery. But, it is important to keep in mind that if you have a vehicle with a remote engine start or smart start, it will be disconnected when the interlock device is installed.

After the installation, our bilingual 24/7/365 Low Cost Interlock customer service staff are available to answer any questions you have and guide you through your entire ignition interlock program. Did you know? Low Cost Interlock clients save over $200 by using our services compared to our competitors. Ask How Today!

In order to determine your eligibility with your state’s ignition interlock device requirements, please provide the information below and an LCI Representative will contact you shortly!

If you’ve received a DUI and your state requires you to operate your vehicle under a restricted license with an ignition interlock, we have state certified breath tests to help you manage your restricted driving privileges. Some first-time offenders are able to operate their motor vehicle after a DUI conviction under a restricted license. Find out more about state requirements and driving privileges view our location pages to find your state. To learn more about what is an ignition interlock check out our FAQ page.