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We offer the easiest, cheapest, fastest, most reliable interlock device for your car. Period. Our ignition interlock program allows you to effortlessly accomplish your interlock obligations and get you back on the road!


Our alcohol interlock devices only require you to submit a simple, 3-second exhale breath sample. This 3-second straight blow system is less frustrating and more sanitary than other, older, models that our competitors use. Our sampling process removes the need for complicated breath patterns such as blow/hum, blow/suck/blow etc. and gets you on the road much quicker.


With our all-inclusive and transparent approach, you will never find a hidden fee. Our 24/7 customer service representatives will walk you through all of the pricing and send it to you in writing allowing you to be informed every step of the way! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our client support staff with any questions you may have.


Our interlock devices for cars have the fastest warm-up time on the market ensuring you can provide a breath sample almost immediately under any weather condition. Also, with our patented calibration system, it only takes approximately 5 minutes – a sixth of the overall time of other interlock devices on average.

Most Sanitary Interlock

All of our affordable ignition interlocks are thoroughly cleaned and tested at our headquarters prior to use. Our devices never go from client-to-client thus eliminating the potential for unsanitary devices. In addition, our straight-blow technology erases the need for you to inhale as many older devices on the market require. This straight-blow technology increases the sanitary nature of our devices as you will never have to inhale what others previously blew into the device. Not only does our latest technology assist in the health safety of our devices, it also decreases the number of failed tests because our devices give a 100% accurate reading each and every time.

How it Works

Using our alcohol interlock device is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Exhale into the mouthpiece for around 3 seconds at steady volume to submit a breath sample. A good way to think about it is to pretend you are blowing out birthday candles. Once you hear a click that signals it is time to stop blowing.

Step 2

The ignition interlock device internally reads your breath alcohol content (BrAC) and will flash on screen if you have passed or failed.

Step 3

If your BrAC is below your state’s legal limit, you're ready to hit the road and it will allow your car to start.

The Benefits


Our alcohol ignition interlock devices use the latest technology to ensure your breath sample readings are 100% accurate every time thus reducing device errors which saves you time (and money) and limits your overall time in the interlock program.


Our interlock system for your car is the fastest on the market. Period. The car breathalyzers we offer have exclusive heating and cooling features that can save you up to 5 minutes every time you start your vehicle, under any temperature.


With hundreds of locations nationwide, we offer the ease of servicing your interlock ignition system in just minutes from your home; making our device and service as convenient as possible for everyone!

Customer Care

We offer fast installation and calibration services, and equip you with a bilingual onboard countdown, accompanied by texts and email notifications to make sure you understand the entire process.


We're here to make sure all of your questions are answered.

How do Payments Work?

At Low Cost Interlock, our goal is to make the ignition interlock process as easy as possible for you, which is why we ensured that our payment system is fast and convenient. We accept prepaid credit cards, credit cards, and debit cards. You will be charged each billing period for the total amount due for that period. A receipt will be emailed to you and the charge will appear on your credit card statement.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely NO hidden fees with Low Cost Interlock®. Unlike other companies, we do not charge lockout or reset fees for missed or failed breath tests. In addition to our upfront pricing approach, we offer 24/7 customer service and we pride ourselves on being there for our customers at all hours of the day. Contact us today with any questions about our interlock devices, the interlock process or about our interlock pricing.

What is a Rolling Retest?

Dependent on your state, you will be required to submit a breath sample after you start your vehicle at random intervals. Our device notifies you by a beeping sound and flashing screen to take a test and gives you 7 minutes to provide the test which allows you to pull the vehicle over in a safe area and submit a test. It is important to always provide a sample when prompted because if you don’t, your interlock device may begin a lockout where you will not be able to start your car for a certain amount of time.

Timeline to Drive

The below timeline outlines a typical process one goes through after a DUI to getting back on the road with Low Cost Interlock! The rules vary by state, but our LCI DUI specialists will help you every step of the way.

  • DUI Conviction

    Immediately following a DUI conviction, your license may get suspended for a varying amount of time, dependent on local state driving laws.

  • Resume Driving

    After waiting the allotted amount of time dictated by your local state’s driving laws after a license suspension, you become eligible to resume driving again so long as you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

  • Contact Low Cost Interlock

    Get a quote from Low Cost Interlock! We are committed to providing you with an accurate, inconspicuous, and easy to use ignition interlock device that is affordable and convenient.

  • Information

    We make sure that you are eligible for using an ignition interlock legally in your state. Once confirmed, make sure to have all of the following handy to expedite the process:

    1. State-Issued Driver’s License (or permit number)
    2. Vehicle Registration information (including VIN and license plate #)
    3. Court and/or DMV papers with your case #, court address, judge’s Name, attorney name, and county
    4. Debit/Credit card

  • Installation

    Once you decide on Low Cost Interlock® as your interlock system service provider, reach out to schedule an installation by entering your Full Name, Phone Number, Zip Code, and any other additional information about your situation you’d like.

  • On the road!

    Once your device has been installed, simply use the Low Cost Interlock® device to quickly start your vehicle, and you’re back on the road again!

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