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Frequently Asked Questions

Ignition Interlock FAQ

How do Payments work?

LCI accepts prepaid credit cards, credit cards, and debit cards. You will be charged each billing period for the total amount due for that period. A receipt will be emailed to you and the charge will appear on your credit card statement. It’s fast and convenient.

Are there any Hidden Fees?

There are NO hidden fees with us. Unlike other companies, we do not charge lockout or reset fees which could cost you around $75 each time. We are confident in our upfront approach and our 24/7 customer service, we do not need to trick clients into signing up with us.

What is a Lockout or Reset Fee?

This can occur when you miss or fail a state required rolling retest. This may cause your vehicle to go into service mode requiring you to take the vehicle back to the service center. Other companies charge on average $75 to reset the device. With us, it’s free.

What is a Rolling Retest?

The state will require that you submit breath samples after you start your vehicle. Our device notifies you by a beeping sound and flashing screen to take a test and gives you 7 minutes (may vary by state) to provide the test which allows you to pull the vehicle over in a safe area and submit a breath test. These occur at random intervals and if you reach your designation prior to the 7 minutes expiring, the state will still require you to submit a sample or it will be considered a missed test.

How do I Start my Vehicle?

The state requires you to submit a breath test prior to being able to start your vehicle. Please remember to rinse your mouth out with water first before submitting a test. If your sample registers alcohol, pending the state setting, you may not be able to start your vehicle.

How do I know when the device Needs Service?

Before starting your vehicle, the device’s screen will show your next service date. There will also be a countdown on the device to your next state required service date.

How will I be Trained to Use the Device?

A LCI Representative will send you a video link to watch, that covers everything about the device and our service. At the installation, the certified technician will demonstrate how to use the device. We also have 24/7 call center for continued support.

Who do I call if I need help with the device?

Please call our 24/7 Customer Service staff and they will be able to help you with general questions, billing, device usage and anything else.

How do I know when I can take the device out of my car? [Removal]

The state requires different time periods for different individuals, you must call the state office prior to removal so you can make sure you are legally able to have it removed without any penalties from the state. The last thing we want is to have you remove it early and get penalized from the state.