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Ignition Interlock Installation Cost

As the most affordable interlock device on the market, Low Cost Interlock has created a pricing structure that caters to our client’s needs and ensures that they can complete their interlock program efficiently without breaking the bank and back on the road driving in no time.

Our ignition interlock device cost differs per state as each state has its own requirements for their interlock programs. In order to give you pricing details, we will need your state issued driver’s license number, vehicle registration information including VIN and license plate number, and your court and/or DMV papers with case number, court address, judge, attorney, and county name. Once we have all of this information we can provide pricing for your car breathalyzer and get you started with Low Cost Interlock! To learn more about your location specific pricing give us a call today and speak with one of our bilingual 24/7 Low Cost Interlock customer service representatives.

Sign-up today and instantly save over $100. Then continue to SAVE over $300 with our upfront approach (NO HIDDEN FEES and NO FEES for MISSED or FAILED TESTS) over the course of using our device when compared to our Competitors – Ask How Today!

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What We Need

1. State Issued Driver’s License Number
2. Vehicle registration information including VIN and license plate number
3. Court and/or DMV papers with case number, court address, judge, attorney, county
4. Debit/Credit card


Competitively Priced Ignition Interlock

As your most affordable breath alcohol ignition interlock device service provider, we offer a $0 set-up fee, and you will get your first month of services for free! In addition, if you are a fan of the Interlock Can, the most discreet way to give a breath test, and complete your interlock program, you can receive one for $0. Call us today to learn more about our competitive ignition interlock device price.

We put our clients first at LCI which is why we do not charge for lockout/reset fees for missed or failed tests. With us there are no hidden fees, and we make sure you understand the price of your ignition interlock device program from the very beginning. You will never be surprised by a charge because it will be outlined in your lease before your interlock device install.