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Low Cost Interlock has certified ignition interlock installation locations in Chico, California. These interlock installation locations will install your device promptly and can answer all of your Chico specific interlock questions. Our car breathalyzers are disguised as soda cans so that you can complete your ignition interlock requirement discretely. Call Low Cost Interlock today to schedule your ignition interlock installation!

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2684 Hwy 32, STE 190
Chico, CA 95973

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Chico DUI Penalties


The city of Chico is located in Butte County in Northern California. Each year around 1,500 people are arrested for DUIs in Butte County. The penalties for driver’s convicted of DUIs in Chico are becoming more strict and can vary depending on many factors. Overall, the penalties for DUI conviction in Chico, California are as follows.

Number of Offenses Probation DUI School Jail Time
First 3 years 3 months 48 hours
Second 5 years 18 months 14-20 days
Third 5 years 18-30 months 120 days

In addition to these penalties stated above, there is also a required fine that can range from $390-$2,000. And as a multiple DUI offender, there are compulsory weekly alcoholic anonymous meetings.

In any situation, the court has an option to mandate an alcohol ignition interlock device. In this case, driver’s would be required to install a car breathalyzer in their vehicle at a state certified location. Before a driver can start their motor vehicle, they will need to give a breath sample using the California interlock device. If the blood alcohol level is below the state limit, the interlock device will allow the car to start. If the BAC level is higher than the state limit, the car will not start and it may result in a longer term system lockout. Low Cost Interlock provides interlock device installation services in Chico, California and can help drivers fulfill their mandatory ignition interlock program.

Low Cost Interlock is the most affordable service provider for interlock devices in Chico, California. Our Low Cost Interlock customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. Call us to schedule an interlock installation today!

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