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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Long Beach, CA

Most people charged with DUIs in the state of California are subject to the installation of ignition interlock systems in any vehicles they own and operate, but it is required in cities in the greater Los Angeles County.

When you are charged with a DUI, you may be given two types of suspensions. The first is known as an administrative suspension. This occurs immediately at the time of arrest if your blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit of 0.08 or if you outright refuse to take a breath test. An administrative suspension comes with a 30-day temporary license, which should give you enough time to get your affairs in order before your court date.

Outside of an administrative suspension, you may also be given a judicial suspension, which comes from a court sentence during a trial or plea agreement. The periods of suspension and restriction depend on your prior record of DUI charges. In California, DUIs can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Most are charged as misdemeanors, which come with lighter penalties.

For first offense DUIs, you will be given a six-month suspension with a chance to apply for a restricted license at the court’s discretion. Second offenses within 10 years come with a two-year suspension, though you can apply for a restricted license after 90 days. After your third offense your license will be suspended for three years and a chance to apply for a restricted license after 18 months. Fourth and subsequent offenses come with a four-year suspension and a chance to apply for a restricted license after 18 months.

Most DUI cases require you to use a car ignition interlock device in any vehicles you own or operate for at least one year. The court may also make exceptions if you have to drive vehicles owned by your employer.

Low Cost Interlock offers the most affordable ignition interlock service in Long Beach and surrounding areas. We are here to guide you through the process, from ignition interlock installation to maintenance, to make sure you complete your ignition interlock program without any hassles. If you have any questions or need a car breathalyzer installed, please don’t hesitate to contact our Low Cost Interlock customer service today.

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