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Low Cost Interlock is the premier provider of ignition interlock devices and related services in Berlin, Connecticut. Our services include installation, maintenance, and regular calibration. We also offer our own patented ignition interlock device that is built using the latest software and hardware available to deliver greater efficiency and accuracy to guarantee quick, reliable BAC readings with every breath sample.

We are committed to convenience, ensuring that you can find several Low Cost Interlock installation locations in Berlin, along with several other locations in Connecticut, so you’re never far from the help that you need. Click here to find the closest Low Cost Interlock location near you.

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Berlin, Connecticut

Connecticut enforces harsh mandatory penalties for OUI offenses. These administrative penalties come from the Department of Motor Vehicles and are in addition to any criminal charges. Arresting officers enforce these administrative penalties when you refuse or fail a chemical test. The suspension period can vary based on your age, any prior incidents, and your BAC at the time of arrest, but generally, if you are convicted for a test failure or refusal, you can expect at least 45 days of suspension and required installation of an ignition interlock device.

Connecticut also operates implied consent laws. Under these laws, by owning a license, you automatically consent to any chemical breath tests administered by an officer who suspects you may be operating a vehicle while under the influence. By refusing the test, you are breaking the implied consent laws, resulting in an automatic license suspension.

These administrative penalties are in addition to any criminal penalties if you are charged with an OUI. In some cases, the administrative penalties may actually become more severe if you are charged with an OUI. Specific penalties vary from person to person, but you can generally expect a combination of:

  • Driver’s license suspension/revocation time (on top of your administrative suspension time)
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Legal and administrative fees
  • Mandatory alcohol education program
  • Bail bonds

Anyone arrested for failing or refusing a chemical breath test is also required to install an ignition interlock device. You are responsible for paying a $175 restoration fee and $100 administration fee.

Low Cost Interlock offers the most affordable and trusted ignition interlock device services in Berlin, Connecticut. To learn more or get a breathalyzer installed in your car, please contact us today.

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