Interlock Device Installation Ely, MN

Minnesota’s strengthened DWI sanctions have a profound implication for those caught driving under the influence. The repercussions vary incident-to-incident for each offender and can result in anything from jail time to a hefty $20,000 fine, to the revocation of driving privileges. 

If you have received a DUI conviction, more than likely, you will receive a court order to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle. The new jurisdiction determines the requirements of an ignition interlock device for a person caught in the following circumstances:

  • A first time DUI arrest with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.16 or more. Note, that the average BAC for drunk driving offenses in Minnesota is 0.15, so this is not uncommon.
  • Any driver who has been previously convicted on the grounds of a DUI offense.
  • In addition to this, state interlock law requires that all drivers with an IID have in-car cameras monitoring the use of the device.

Despite the loss and restriction of driving privileges, the installation of an IID is the fastest and easiest way to earn back your license and get yourself back on the road. Consider it a behavior rehabilitation, aimed to break patterns in drunk driving tendencies and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Finding an Interlock Ignition Device Installation Near Me

Amid the hassle of court orders and paperwork, the installation of an ignition interlock system shouldn’t cause you anxiety. At Low Cost Interlock we pride ourselves on our expansive network of retailers who can assist with your installation process in a timely and efficient manner. We have hubs throughout the entirety of Minnesota, including in ignition interlock devices in Ely. Our online system uses Zip routing to help you find the most convenient hub for you. Start by making an appointment online and visit us at Tony’s Service Station today. 

Benefits of Low Cost Interlock

Amongst our accolades, celebrated features of our ignition interlock device include:

  • Interlock Can – The most discreet, sanitary, and smart IID option on the market. The can requires a mere 3-seconds of steady exhalation, with no inhalation, making the breathalyzer test as simple as can be.
  • 24-hour service representatives – For any questions regarding malfunctions or installations, the 24-hour service team at Low Cost Interlock is equipped and ready to assist you.
  • RF feature – The car breathalyzer connects to our online Minnesota Interlock Device Service Center, allowing us to download your computer logs while you are still parking your car. This feature will save you 15 minutes every time you calibrate your results. This latter feature is a huge benefit for Minnesota drivers since State law decrees that any driver with an IID must cooperate with monthly interlock services to calibrate the device.

When you combine the efficiency of LCI device with the convenience of our many local locations, it’s clear to see why we are trusted by customers as the most hassle-free and convenient alcohol interlock option.

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