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It’s not often that the best product on the market is designed for you to be able to get rid of it quickly. But at Low Cost Interlock our mission is to get our cutting-edge Tab 720 ignition interlock system in and out of your vehicle as soon as possible. So, if you live in Hutchinson, Minnesota and have just been cited with a DUI, read on to learn more about how the quick and easy installation of an LCI Tab 720 at Car Shop Incorporated can help you cut significant time from your interlock requirements and reinstate your driving privileges.

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Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Hutchinson

If you get arrested for a DUI offense in Minnesota you will face penalties such as:

  • Fines ranging from $1,000-$14,000
  • Potential jail time anywhere from 30 days to seven years
  • Mandated interlock ignition device installation from 90 days to 10 years.

Minnesota state law mandates that DUI offenders who install interlocks in their cars must remain on the state’s ignition interlock program for a certain number of days based on their history and their blood alcohol content level at the time of the arrest. 

For the duration of the ignition interlock device program, you have to submit a breath test every time you use the vehicle. A failed breathalyzer test will result in a fine as well as more days being tacked onto your program requirement. There are three ways to submit a failed test:

  • Blowing a Breath Alcohol Content Reading higher than 0.02%. If your breath sample is higher, the device will lock for five minutes, after which you’ll have ten minutes to supply a passing sample. Failure to do this results in a failed test.
  • Blowing a BrAC number higher than 0.02% during a “rolling test,” i.e. random tests that are administered while you are driving.
  • Failing to show up for a recalibration.

How the Breathalyzer Works (and Why it Will Help You Get Rid of it Sooner)

At Low Cost Interlock, both our products and our customer service are tailored to keep you from failing tests and adding more time (and money) to your stint in Minnesota’s state ignition interlock program. Here’s how:

  • Simple Breath Patterns – Passing the breath test isn’t just about your blood alcohol content being lower than 0.02%. You can also fail a test if you don’t get the blow pattern required to activate the device exactly right. And with most breathalyzers requiring a frustratingly intricate blowing pattern, that can be a major problem. With the Tab 720, however, all you’ll have to do is breathe steadily into the breathalyzer for three seconds. 
  • Error-Free Accuracy – Because the breath pattern is so straightforward, it guarantees 100% accuracy on test readings. That way, you won’t get hit with unfair fees or an added violation for failed or inaccurate tests that add more time to your ignition interlock device program requirements.
  • Emergency Assistance – To further ensure that you never have to miss a recalibration, we offer mobile assistance in case of emergencies that leave you unable to drive to your recalibration appointment.


At Low Cost Interlock, we’re aware that no one is purchasing an ignition interlock device because they want one. We get that it’s an inconvenience mandated by law following a DUI conviction. Our goal is to lessen the inconvenience as much as possible and bring you an unmatched customer experience that keeps you on the road and gets interlocks out of your life for good.

For a shorter and better interlock experience, come into Car Shop Inc. to install a Tab 720 from Low Cost Interlock today!

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