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December 17, 2020

Feeling overwhelmed after a recent DUI conviction? You’re not alone. Let’s be honest—no one expects to get a DUI, and at Low Cost Interlock, we understand how daunting the process can be. Not knowing how—or when—you’ll get back on the road can throw a lot of your life plans out of balance.

Thankfully, our Low Cost Interlock DUI specialists are here to help make the process less confusing and less stressful. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of what to expect from a typical timeline after receiving a DUI conviction:

What Happens When You Get a DUI

After you get a DUI conviction, consequences will vary depending on your local state laws. Here are some possible actions that you can expect after a first-time DUI conviction:

  1. Your license may get suspended for a period of time, causing you to temporarily lose driving privileges.
  2. After suspension, you may receive a restricted license, limiting how, when and where you may drive.
  3. Then, you may be ordered to install a state-approved ignition interlock device, like Low Cost Interlock.
  4. You may face informal misdemeanor probation time (typically 3 years but varies state-to-state).
  5. You may have to attend DUI school.
  6. In addition to a suspended or restricted license, you may have to pay fines and penalty assessments, depending on your state and county laws.
  7. Depending on the case and your local laws, you may also face jail time, have work release and/or be asked to attend a victim impact panel.

Remember, the rules of this process vary by jurisdiction, and first-time DUI convictions are generally less severe.

What to Expect from the Court System

In most states, a DUI conviction can trigger up to two different proceedings:

  1. DMV per se suspension hearing
  2. A DUI jury trial or bench trial in criminal court

A DMV per se suspension hearing is automatically triggered in most states after you’ve been arrested for a DUI. In most cases, this suspension will go into effect within thirty days of your arrest. If you wish to contest the suspension, you must do so quickly (generally within 10 days after your arrest). In that case, your suspension will likely be put on hold depending on the outcome of the hearing.

DMV per se hearings are less formal than criminal trials, and often take place in small rooms at the DMV office, with hearing officers rather than judges and attorneys. The purpose of these hearings is to prove whether or not your arrest was legal and whether the BAC measured exceeded the legal limit. Though you don’t need to have an attorney present during these hearings, you can hire one to represent you if you prefer and are financially able.

Criminal DUI trials, on the other hand, are more public and more formal. They take place in a criminal courtroom with a judge, legal representatives, and in some cases, a jury. The process will vary depending on state laws, but in a DUI trial, prosecutors need to prove all charges “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Simply put, the evidence needs to be convincing. For DUI trials, you have the right to an attorney. You can either hire an attorney of your choice, or, if you’re unable to hire one, you can have the court appoint one to represent you at the court’s expense.

How Low Cost Interlock Can Help

Our goal is simple: We’re here to help you get back on the road easily and safely.

After requirements are completed, according to local and state laws, you may be eligible to resume driving with an ignition interlock device installed. That’s where we come in.

When ready, you can contact one of our Low Cost Interlock specialists to get a quote for our ignition interlock devices. All you’ll need is your driver’s license information, vehicle registration information, and court and DMV papers.  We’ll confirm that you are eligible for an interlock device and do everything in our powers to ensure that our services are affordable and convenient for your needs.

If you decide to use Low Cost Interlock as your interlock system provider, you can schedule an installation at your convenience. Our team will then quickly and efficiently install your device at the time of your choosing, getting you ready to get back on the road safely.

After installation, our customer care representatives are available to you 24/7 if you have questions or need assistance.

A Safe Return to the Road is Possible…And We’ll Help You Get There

Our devices are the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and most reliable interlock devices on the market. We use the latest technology to ensure that your readings are accurate so that you can get back on the road sooner.

We get it—dealing with a DUI is unnerving. With so many uncertainties ahead, knowing how you’ll get back on the road shouldn’t be one of them. By complying with local requirements and enlisting the help of Low Cost Interlock, we’ll get you back on the road before you know it.

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