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  • No fees for missed or failed tests
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  • Easiest device to use… No complicated breathing patterns

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The TAB 720 is the only Ignition Interlock equipped with Selcius® Inside. This exclusive Interlock heating and cooling feature can save you up to 5 minutes every time you start your vehicle.

Our IID is specifically designed to operate under any and all extreme temperature conditions that you may encounter.

Advanced Features

One of the technological breakthroughs that is found in our car breathalyzer is the RF feature which allows our customers to activate the ignition interlock device system before they reach their vehicle.

When it is time for you to visit our Texas Interlock Device Service Center, our computer system will automatically download your Interlock computer logs once you are within range and parking your car. This process will save you at least 15 minutes every time you calibrate your car breathalyzer.

Customer Service

Low Cost Interlock has gone to great lengths to streamline the installation and calibration process of your ignition interlock device. After your car breathalyzer is installed, we make sure you receive expert training on the operation and care of your Low Cost Interlock (IID) device.

Low Cost Interlock also offers mobile assistance for certain situations that leave our customers unable to travel.

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