How We Keep Our Devices Clean and Safe

October 14, 2020

Finding reliable information during these unprecedented times can sometimes feel like mission impossible, but one fact remains undeniably certain: health and safety is a primary concern for everyone.

At Low Cost Interlock, we’ve always been committed to keeping you safe. An important part of that mission is ensuring that our devices are the most sanitary interlock devices available.

Here’s how we go above and beyond to sanitize all interlock devices, and our tips and tricks for keeping yours clean in-between blows.

Our Sanitation Protocol

We take your safety seriously. Every Low Cost Interlock device has been thoroughly cleaned and tested at our headquarters prior to client installation and use.

We hand-clean each and every device with Protex Ultra disinfectant wipes in between client use. These medical grade cleaning wipes are often used in hospitals and dentists offices and are effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria and most viruses, including HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis C, H1N1, staph and SARS-CoV-2, also known as coronavirus.

Our devices never go from one client to the next without first undergoing this effective cleaning protocol. All in all, the cleaning and testing process takes about two weeks, which is more than enough time for most viruses (including the coronavirus) to die, according to the CDC.

In most states, our no-suck, straight-blow technology eliminates the need to inhale, like many older devices require. This means you won’t have to inhale what other users previously blew into the device. Plus, every mouthpiece is brand-new, comes individually wrapped, and is washable, so you can keep your device extra-clean in between uses.

Keeping Your Device Clean

Even though your device will be thoroughly sanitized before it ever reaches your hands, we understand if you want to continue cleaning it while it’s in your possession.

To start, we recommend following the CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others, including social distancing (avoiding close contact with people outside of your home), wearing a mask in public spaces, washing your hands regularly with soap and water for at least twenty seconds, and avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands.

If washing your hands is not readily available after visiting a public place or caring for someone sick, using a hand-sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can also be effective at killing potential pathogens. Keep in mind that it’s best to wait at least 20 minutes after using hand sanitizer before using the interlock device, so the alcohol in the solution does not cause a sample reading.

When it comes to sanitizing your interlock device, we recommend cleaning your mouthpiece regularly and having extra mouthpieces on hand. Each mouthpiece is washable and can be washed with water and soap when needed (if you’re not keen on hand washing them, they’re also dishwasher safe). Just make sure not to use hard solvents, like alcohol-based wipes or nail polish remover, to clean the mouthpiece, as it can cause damage. Also, after washing, you’ll want to dry the mouthpieces completely before reusing.

If you’d prefer to replace the mouthpiece rather than wash it, you can! Just change out the mouthpiece for a dry one, and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that the device must always be used with a mouthpiece—since blowing with your mouth directly on the device may damage the handset and make your vehicle unable to start.

Though mouthpieces are washable and replaceable, we do not recommend allowing other people to handle your interlock device (aside form certified technicians, who will follow the same sanitation protocols). This will help ensure that your device is as clean and sanitary as possible.

Finally, we do not recommend using alcohol-based wipes to clean the handset of the device as this can contaminate the fuel cell and damage its functionality. However, because of our medical-grade cleaning protocol and the required down-time between clients for all devices, there’s no need to worry about taking this extra precaution.

Peace of Mind

We know how uncertain recent times have been—but feeling safe with your interlock device should never be cause for concern. At the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing that your Low Cost Interlock device is always clean and safe-to-use, no matter what life may throw at you.

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