Do You Have Multiple Interlock Device Violations?

February 20, 2019

If you have been court ordered to purchase and install an interlock device in order to drive, obeying the rules of the court and complying with the rules of the device will help prevent you from racking up any further fines or penalties. A driver with a Low Cost Interlock system installed in their car is required to regularly perform a few actions in order to legally operate their vehicle:

  1. Give an initial breath sample to turn on the car
  2. Perform a rolling retest
  3. Avoid corrupting or damaging the device
  4. Periodically take the device in for servicing and re-calibration

Refusal to comply with these or failure to pass these tests can result in violations. Unfortunately, multiple violations can lead to further penalties. At Low Cost Interlock, we understand that violations can take place innocently or through no fault of your own. Do you have multiple interlock device violations and are unsure what to do? We’ve got you covered.

Multiple Violation Consequences

The interlock device is created to log and track any warning signals, failures, or violations during your activities. This log can be viewed during device recalibration, or at the authorities request.

If the device notices multiple violations, especially those pertaining to blowing above the legal .08 threshold, a vehicle lockout may occur. This means that the device will need to be re-calibrated and you will need to speak to a Low Cost Interlock professional regarding these alleged interlock device violations.

Legally, the consequences for multiple interlock violations differ by state. You should know that they can be severe, particularly if the authorities believe you have purposefully damaged or tampered with the device.

Notable penalties for multiple interlock device violations include:

  • A penalty that extends the length required to have an interlock
  • An extended license suspension period
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license charge
  • Further fines
  • Jail time
  • Vehicle confiscation
  • Withdrawal of driver’s license

If you are notified by the DMV that, unbeknownst to you, you have been found guilty of multiple violations, contact us and we will do our best to help clear things up, especially if you believe that you have been wrongfully charged with a violation.

We offer our customers round the clock customer service, so reach out either via:

We know this process is frustrating enough without having the DMV alert you out of the blue that you were guilty of multiple violations for failing several rolling re-tests (especially when you are confident that never occurred). Our goal is to be your advocate to the state and help you clear up any mistakenly attributed violations.

Common Interlock Device Violations

If you wish to prevent accruing multiple violations, you need to do everything in your power to consciously avoid such issues. To start, you should be aware of the most common violations. These include:

  • Failing the initial breath test or rolling re-test – The device has detected alcohol in the sample. If there is enough to trigger this detection but falls beneath the threshold, you will be given a warning. If you attempt to drive and blow above the legal limit of .08, it will be considered a violation. Multiple failed attempts above .08 can lead to serious consequences.
  • Missing rolling re-test – If you are asked to take the random rolling test and fail to do so, you will be given a violation. Even a single missed test violation can result in penalization wherein the device requirement period is extended at least a month.
  • Tampering – If you attempt to bypass the breath test submission by:
  • Asking or allowing a different person to blow into the device so you can drive.
  • Physically tampering or damaging the device in order to leave it inoperable or only partially operable.
  • Bringing the device to an unauthorized service center.
  • Taking the car to a mechanic without notifying both LowCost Interlock and the state about the expected vehicle and device power disconnect
  • Altering the car or the device’s wiring to pass a test
  • Unauthorized removal of the device
  • Failure to appear – If you do not return to the service center for a recalibration appointment within the seven-day window.
  • Failure to pay – If you do not pay the required fees as outlined in your lease agreement, you will be found in noncompliance and have the device seized.

Let Us Help

If the state informs you that you have been found guilty of multiple violations and you believe that to be incorrect, reach out to our helpful staff immediately. We are your advocate and want to ensure that you are not accused or required to pay for mistakes for which you are innocent.

If you were, in fact, guilty of the multiple violations, learn from these mistakes and strategize ways to prevent more from accruing. Multiple interlock device violations can lead to a host of unpleasant consequences. Be wise, comply with the rules of your interlock device, and be sure to never drink and then attempt to drive.  

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