How Much Does Interlock Device Installation Cost?

February 20, 2019

If you have recently found yourself in hot water with the law due to a DUI violation, you know that there are penalties you will be obligated to pay in order to make amends and repay your debts to society. Since no two crimes are alike, the severity of this punishment is contingent upon the state you are in, your level of intoxication, and whether or not it is a first-time offense.  

Depending on these factors, you may be required to install and maintain an interlock device, also known as a car breathalyzer, in your vehicle. As the name implies, this device prevents a person from driving with even the slightest bit of alcohol on their breath. If it is mandatory that you install an interlock device, you may be curious how much that installation costs? Follow along as we break down the cost of interlock device installation.  

Interlock Device Installation Costs

The law requires that a person guilty of a DUI offense must cover all the fees and fines involved with buying, installing, and maintaining their ignition interlock. Since the states have different intoxication motor laws, the cost of an interlock device will naturally vary, but it is not at all uncommon for interlock companies to charge extra service fees for the following:

  • Device installation
  • Monthly maintenance fee
  • Device removal

To get the device up and running, a specialist will have to come to your residence and hook it up to your vehicle. Although this process should not take long, your typical install fee will range anywhere from $50 to $150. In comparison, if you purchase a Low Cost Interlock device, it will come with free shipping, installation, and setup.

Low Cost Interlock is proud of the fact that our client’s, on average, save more than $300 utilizing our services compared to our competitors. One of the main reasons for this is that we do not charge for any additional fees outside of those outlined in your contract.  

The total time you will be required to have an interlock device is heavily dependent upon the facts of your case as well as your state’s laws. The seriousness of your offense will determine this duration. Factors include:

  • Blood alcohol content levels – Although a person who blows a .081 and a person who blows a .2 will both face arrest for driving under the influence, the more intoxicated driver may have higher fees, more serious charges, face jail time, and be required to attend classes and have their interlock device for a much more substantial period of time.
  • What you were pulled over for – A person who is charged with a DUI as well as a hit and run will have more stringent penalties and requirements.
  • Repeat offender – If this is your first time, you will likely only need the interlock device for six months to a year, whereas if you are a repeat offender, the interlock device may be required for years, if not indefinitely.

Run Down of the Installation Process

Low Cost Interlock’s goal is for the installation process to be as quick and easy as possible for you. Below, we will discuss the steps in the installation process.

Get a Quote

To get the ball rolling, you will need to get a pricing quote on your device. Since pricing varies according to your specific case, to receive a quote on total costs you will need to submit the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • You home mailing address
  • State of residence
  • Zip code
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Your main email address
  • Vehicle registration information including VIN and license plate
  • DMV or Court papers including:
    • Case number
    • County
    • Court address
    • The judge presiding over your case
    • The name of your attorney

Once you submit this information, we will send you a detailed appraisal. This quote will state all of the costs upfront so that you do not get hit with extra charges and wind up paying more than you expected. It will also summarize how frequently you will be required to bring your device in for calibration, and how much you will have to pay for each download and calibration appointment.

We know that even the most minor DUI infractions are expensive. Our goal is to provide you with a service that is fully transparent so that you can budget accordingly.

Find a Low Cost Interlock Location

To make things simple for you, we have hundreds of service locations throughout the country. Just go to our Interlock Installation Locations page, type in your address, hit enter, and then click on the one nearest to you. Each location is:

  • State licensed;
  • Low Cost Interlock certified; and
  • Low Cost Interlock insured.

Your interlock device must be installed by a Low Cost Interlock approved technician. Each technician we hire has undergone thorough background checks, screenings, and training. They are knowledgeable and experienced automotive electrical system professionals who have hundreds of installations under their belt.

Note: Low Cost Interlock product warranty will be void if you attempt any of the following:

  • Install the device on your own;
  • Tamper with the device; and
  • Remove or attempt to remove the device.

Any of these actions could also invalidate the vehicle’s approval certification. In such cases, Low Cost Interlock is no longer liable for any further damage to the vehicle.

Interlock Installation

Once you have selected an approved service center, a qualified technician will perform an inspection of your car’s mechanical and electrical systems prior to install. Once this is complete, your technician will begin the install process of the breathalyzer car starter which is made up of two parts:

  1. The handset – The device you blow into for three second
  2. The relay module – The device that lets you start the car. It connects to the handset and measures the blood alcohol content.

The breathalyzer install should not take longer than one or two hours; although, high-end cars or vehicles with push-to-start ignitions may take longer or need special equipment. Once the device is connected, you are almost set to go!

Interlock Training

Before you can get back on the road, Low Cost Interlock wants to ensure that you know exactly how the device works in order to help you avoid an interlock device violation. The technician will provide you with hands-on instructions on how to properly use the breathalyzer. They will also be happy to assist with any other problems or answer any additional questions you might have.

In addition to in-person training, Low Cost Interlock provides you with bilingual electronic and video training. These videos will convey detailed instructions and troubleshooting for common questions or issues. Once you have watched the training video, you will be able to sign your lease agreement and any other documents required by your state.

This lease comes with the option for ignition interlock insurance, which covers theft or damage to the device in your car. These devices are valued at $2,400, so we advise our costumers to strongly consider purchasing insurance just in case.

Hardship Licenses

Certain states, typically rural states, allow drivers who have been found guilty of driving under the influence to apply for a hardship license; some states refer to this as a hardship permit. The standards for hardship status varies by state, but in general, you must provide at least one of the following reasons:

  • Have to drive to and from school – Typically, the school must be a minimum number of miles away from your residence, and you must demonstrate that there are no viable alternative means of transportation.
  • Have to drive to and from work – Similar to driving to school, the place of work has to be a minimum number of miles away and you need to work at least ten hours a week.
  • Have to drive to medical specialists – You must have serious long-term health issues that require regular doctor’s visits, exams, or treatment. Routine medical checkups will not be accepted.

If you qualify for hardship status, the state may require that you install an interlock device in your vehicle for the hardship license to be valid. You will also need to prove to the state and the DMV that you have upheld your obligations.

Why Low Cost Interlock Is Right For You  

Our base ignition interlock device is an ingeniously crafted piece of hardware that is made to be unobtrusive. We know that most of our clients would not willingly have this device installed on their own volition. With that in mind, we try and make it as discreet and simple a process as possible.

Some of the features that make our product so popular include:  

  • The Low Cost Interlock device is easy to use – To use our breathalyzer, you do not need to blow in fancy patterns- alternating between blowing, humming, and sucking. We all make mistakes, being required to blow every time you drive can be a frustrating reminder of these wrongdoings. We want this process to be a pain-free blow and go.
  • The Low Cost Interlock device is accurate – Our breathalyzer takes advantage of the newest tech and is regularly updated and recalibrated to ensure accuracy. The last thing you want when you are completely sober and in a hurry is to blow and get a failed test message. We are confident and proud of the fact that our device is 100% accurate.
  • We offer convenience – As mentioned, we have hundreds of locations spanning the country. Our service professionals make device installation quick and easy and then instruct each and every customer how to properly use the device. We have 24/7 bilingual customer support and onboarding so that you can spend less time on the phone and more time driving.
  • The Low Cost Interlock device is sanitary – Thanks to our blowing method and cutting-edge tech, our device is the most sanitary car breathalyzer available. Each one is thoroughly cleaned and tested at Low Cost Interlock headquarters prior to device installation. Thanks to the breathe out only method, you do not need to inhale, improving sanitation numbers drastically.  
  • We offer discretion – The standard Low Cost Interlock device is discreet as is, but if that is still too obtrusive for your liking, we offer our customers the Can; a breathalyzer that looks exactly like a soda can. This device functions exactly like our standard breathalyzer, but is far less noticeable, saving you from embarrassment. You can purchase the Can for $29 with free shipping, or receive it for free when you purchase the optional insurance plan.

How Our Breathalyzer Functions

The most reliable way to test a person’s intoxication levels is by testing their blood alcohol content (BAC). This figure signifies the percentage of ethyl alcohol in grams for every 100 milliliters of your blood. The legal limit for driving is .08 BAC, which denotes that you have .08 grams of alcohol for every 100 milliliters of blood.

The device will be installed in your vehicle’s ignition system. For that system to ignite, you will have to first blow into the device and prove that your BAC is below the state-mandated set limit which, in most cases, is .02 BAC. If you blow and fail to satisfy this limit, you will be unable to start the engine until you can provide a breath sample that is below the threshold.

Get Yours Installed Today!

At Low Cost Interlock, we provide our customers with a phenomenal device and huge savings when compared to our competitors. We offer:

  • $0 Shipping
  • $0 Set-Up fees
  • $0 Installation fees
  • Transparent pricing contract with no hidden fees
  • 24/7 bilingual customer support

Getting a device installed in your vehicle should not be a headache. Our goal is to help you set and forget, blow and go! Contact us now so you can get your device installed and get back on the road in as little time as possible.

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